I Want a Bitcoin for Christmas 2017-12-13T17:51:26+00:00

I Want a Bitcoin For Christmas

This year I don’t want anything fancy, I want a simple Bitcoin it’s only a digital coin but will make me very happy!


You Can Send My Gift To This Adresses

Bitcoin: 1KzRRpZ7D3R4CwDSKZ9phtr7iwmqwwEyfA

Ethereum: 0x86cFe9B6Aa53B041BFf54d051807F492256C4D00

Litecoin: LhaUYvDg6hzrVnyWRgajEjkQBrURiAKZdH

Contact Me

If you want to send me a Merry Christmas message you are welcome, if you help me to get this gift for Christmas please send me also a message.

Your Name

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Why giving me this gift?

  • I’m not a materialist guy so I only want a digital coin 🙂

  • You will make someone very happy

  • And most important I’m a good person and I will use this money to provide a better life for me and my family

What I will do with it?

  • I’m a programmer, so I will create an awesome project related with Cryptocurrencies. Please, send me some ideas!

  • Invest some in my future

  • Lower my mortgage payment

  • Buy a nice Christmas gift for my wife